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Top penny stocks today

Top penny stocks today


Penny stocks are defined as the low-priced shares trading for less than one dollar and are highly volatile in nature. The top penny stocks today are listed by the experts who take up the challenge to get high returns over investment with their stock tips. The biggest penny stock investments are based on the stock picks by the professionals. These stocks are not guaranteed, as the penny stock investments are very risky and hence, the investors must check the details of the company before making the investment.


Top Penny Stocks Today


  • ALQA (Alliqua Biomedical)


This stock is viewed by the penny stock experts due to the news of its merger deal with Contract Manufacturing Unit and the subsequent 200% rally. It is a momentum stock and the shares have gained a growth of 36 percent which is still 0.6 times lower than the highest value. The stock might go up in the coming periods.


  • Adial Pharma (ADIL)


The stock price grew on the last day of the month of November from the past trends. The translation of charts reveals that the stock price has been into a similar level. The high of $8.33 reached on 15 January 2019. With the trending growth of this stock from a level of $1.32 in November, there is a huge probability of the stock to get towards a stagnant position and attain better levels in this month.


  • vTv Therapeutics (VTVT)


The quick growth of over 200% of VTVT from the month of December has given a new trend to the company to establish its trust upon the investors. The shareholders have almost doubled their investment within one month as the stocks trading around $1 are expected to a go towards $3 level. The resistance in the month of October is expected to get cleared in the coming phases.


  • Axsome Therapeutics (AXSM)


Axsome shares have been the best performers of the year and the growth has surpassed 200% level. January 4 was the turning point for the stock and it is growing in the stock price since then. The company has achieved success in its Ph 2 trial for the major depressive disorder treatment. The shares are at a peak and day traders can find them as a lucrative way to get the better values in the month of February. With the growth of their trials, AXSM is expected to reach toward higher levels in the coming months.


  • BioXcel Therapeutics (BTAI)

The price of BTAI was $2.41 on the next day of Christmas. After this lowest rate, there was an abrupt increase in the prices in the month of January to $6.18. The 52-week high rate of the stock is $14.79 and the stock has a probability to grow with the upcoming business trends. The company has recently disclosed BXCL501 candidate for the acute treatment of Fast Track Designation (FDA). The stocks can be opportunities for the traders having existing strategies and looking forward to making smart moves for penny stock investments.


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