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NEFA Headlines Featured DocumentsAl-Somood Biography of Deceased Taliban Military Cmdr. Mullah Dadullah
[8/27/08]: The NEFA Foundation is releasing additional content drawn from Al-Somood, a monthly Islamic magazine published by the Taliban’s media center. In this piece, dated July 2007, Al-Somood provides a biography of Taliban military commander Mullah Dadullah, who was killed by NATO and Afghan troops…

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)KSM’s Responses to Questions Posed by Salim Hamdan’s Attorneys
[8/25/08]: The NEFA Foundation has obtained the responses provided by 9/11 planner Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM) to questions submitted by Salim Hamdan’s attorneys. Asked whether Hamdan had “any involvement in the planning of attacks outside Afghanistan,” KSM stated, “he was not at all a military…
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NEFA TerrorWatch – Featured DocumentsText of Threat to Gordon Brown – Led to U.K. Arrests?

[8/25/08]: Earlier this month, British authorities arrested three individuals, including two as they prepared to leave Britain, on terrorism charges. According to open source reporting, the arrests were linked to an online threat to Prime Minister Gordon Brown that was posted in January 2008 on The posting, made available by the NEFA Foundation, was purportedly issued by “the leader of Al-Qaeda in Britain” and demanded…(read more
Bin Attash’s Responses to Questions Posed by Hamdan’s Attorneys
[8/25/08]: The NEFA Foundation has obtained the responses provided by senior Al-Qaida detainee Walid Bin Attash to questions submitted by Salim Hamdan’s attorneys. Describing Hamdan’s role in Al-Qaida, Bin Attash stated, “his activities were distinctly clear as he was seen driving the cars going and coming…(read more)
PIJ and Hamas Victims Sue Bank of China in California Court
[8/24/08]: The victims of Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) and Hamas attacks sued the Bank of China Ltd. (BOC), alleging that “beginning in July 2003, BOC began to provide extensive banking services to PIJ and Hamas. Specifically, between 2003 and the date of the Terrorist Bombing, BOC executed dozens of wire transfers for the PIJ and Hamas, totaling several million dollars. These dollar transfers were initiated by the PIJ and Hamas leadership in Iran, Syria and elsewhere…(read more)

U.S. National Pleads Guilty to Concealing Terrorist Financing
[8/23/08]: Saifullah Ranjha, a U.S. national living in Washington, D.C. and Maryland, pled guilty to conspiring to launder money and to concealing terrorist financing. As DOJ noted, “According to his guilty plea…he operated a money remitter business in the District of Columbia known as Hamza, Inc. A cooperating witness, acting at the direction of law enforcement, held himself out to Ranjha and his associates to be involved in…(read more)

Former Holy Land Foundation Fundraiser Indicted
[8/23/08]: Akram Musa Abdallah (a.k.a. Abu Saiaf) of Mesa, Ariz. was charged with making false statements related to his involvement in fund-raising activities for the Holy Land Foundation for Relief & Development (see NEFA’s extensive collection of Holy Land Foundation trial documents). According to DOJ, “Abdallah knowingly and willfully made a false material statement when he represented to FBI agents that he was not involved…(read more)
Ayman al-Zawahiri: “To Pakistan Army and the People of Pakistan”
[8/20/08]: The NEFA Foundation has released a transcript of the latest audio message from Al-Qaida’s Deputy Commander Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri. Addressing his plea to the Pakistani military, al-Zawahiri spoke for the first time in English and called upon low and mid-ranking soldiers to violently…(read more)  
Interview with Taliban Commander Sirajuddin Haqqani
[8/18/08]: The NEFA Foundation has obtained video of a conversation with Taliban Deputy Commander Sirajuddin Haqqani, the son of the infamous Afghan mujahideen leader Jalaluddin Haqqani. Though only in his early thirties, Haqqani is considered one of the most powerful Taliban military in Pakistan and Afghanistan…(read more) 
Irhaby007 Network Conviction – England
[8/18/08]: Sultan Muhammed, Hammaad Munshi, and Aabid Khan were convicted in England on charges that included possessing an article for a purpose connected with terrorism and making a record of information likely to be useful in terrorism. (Ahmed Suleiman was found not guilty of the same charges.) Khan had links to Younis Tsouli’s global network…(read more) Chechen Mujahideen Head Denies Involvement in Georgia Conflict

[8/17/08]: The NEFA Foundation has obtained a communiqué issued by Shamsuddin Batukaev, the Wakil (Head) of the Caucasus Emirate, in which he commented on “widely replicated reports that ‘Chechen units and volunteers from Chechnya’ are participating on Russian side in war against Georgia.” He acknowledged…(read more

Chechen Mujahideen Warned of Russian Invasion of Georgia
[8/17/08]: The NEFA Foundation has obtained a July 5, 2008 report from the Chechen mujahideen press agency, which stated that “the intelligence service (Mukhabarat) of the Caucasus Emirate…received…information about [an] upcoming military operation that Russia will conduct against Georgia.” Further, “operative information points at the fact that the main objective of the war operation is to seize…(read more)
Appeals Court Vacates Ahmed Ressam’s Sentence
[8/17/08]: The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals vacated the sentence of convicted Millennium bomb plotter Ahmed Ressam, ruling that a judge failed…(read more)
NEFA Exclusive: Video of Haji Namdar Interview
[8/16/08]: The NEFA Foundation has released excerpts of an exclusive interview with Haji Namdar, who was shot to death at a mosque in Khyber Agency on August 13, 2008; the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan took credit for the attack. Among the most well-known radical ‘leaders’ in Khyber, Namdar served as head…(read more)
(Historical) MB Official Criticizes Bin Laden Audiotape
[8/15/08]: Supplementing the Muslim Brotherhood statement page, the NEFA Foundation has added a December 2007 communique in which Brotherhood Executive Bureau Member Mahmud Ghozlan “condemned [Usama] Bin Laden’s frequent speeches propagating for Jihad” and labeled his speeches “useless.” (read more)
Appeals Court Exempts Saudi Officials/Entity from 9/11 Lawsuit
[8/14/08]: Ruling in a case filed by the victims and families of victims of 9/11, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals stated that “the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act…(‘FSIA’), grants foreign sovereigns immunity from suit in the United States subject to enumerated exceptions. We conclude that the FSIA protects the appellees–most obviously, the Kingdom itself. First, we hold that the FSIA applies to individual officials of foreign governments in their official capacities, and therefore to the Four Princes…(read more)
Top U.S. CT Official Discusses the Current Threat
[8/13/08]: Speaking at the Washington Institute, Ted Gistaro, National Intelligence Officer for Transnational Threats, stated, “In spite of successful U.S. and allied operations against al-Qaeda, especially the death of important al-Qaeda figures since December, the group has maintained or strengthened key elements of its capability to attack the United States in the past year…(read more)
Al-Somood Interview of Taliban Commander – Kandahar District
[8/12/08]: In the coming weeks, the NEFA Foundation will be releasing a stream of content drawn from Al-Somood, a monthly Islamic magazine published by the Taliban’s media center. In this piece, dated July 2007, Al-Somood interviews Almullah Akhthar Muhammad Mansur, the Taliban’s Military Commander in the Kandahar District. Asked about the…(read more)
Transcript of Pakistani TV Interview of Shaykh Mustafa Abu al-Yazid
[8/11/08]: The NEFA Foundation has obtained a transcript of a Pakistani television interview of Shaykh Mustafa Abu al-Yazid (a.k.a. “Shaykh Saeed”). In May 2007, Al-Qaida’s official As-Sahab Media Wing identified al-Yazid as “the overall head of al-Qaida Organization in Afghanistan.” According to As-Sahab, al-Yazid “took part in founding al-Qaida in 1989…(read more)
Photo: Salim Hamdan and Usama Bin Laden
[8/11/08]: The NEFA Foundation has released an image depicting Salim Hamdan in the company of Usama bin Laden at Tarnak Farms in 2000. Earlier this month, at Guantanamo Bay, Hamdan — bin Laden’s former driver — was acquitted on a conspiracy charge, but convicted for supporting terrorism….(read more)
DOD: National Defense Strategy
[8/10/08]: The Department of Defense released the “National Defense Strategy”, which “outlines the national approach to the defense of” the U.S. and its interests. As DOD explains, “The NDS…(read more)
DTRA/SAIC: Why Have We Not Been Attacked Again?
[8/8/08]: The Defense Threat Reduction Agency and Science International Applications Corporation released a report titled, “Why Have We Not Been Attacked Again? Competing and Complementary Hypotheses for Homeland Attack Frequency.” As the authors explain, “The hypotheses analyzed in this report can be divided roughly into two broad categories. The first category – Capabilities – suggests that terrorists have been unable to succeed…(read more)
Al-Qaida Acknowledges “Martyrdrom” of “Abu Khabab al-Masri”
[8/6/08]: The NEFA Foundation has obtained and translated a copy of the statement from Al-Qaida leader Mustafa Abu al-Yazid acknowledging the “martyrdom” of most wanted Egyptian Al-Qaida commander “Abu Khabab al-Masri” (a.k.a. Midhat Mursi al-Sayyid Umar) in a U.S. airstrike targeting a lawless…(read more) 
Aafia Siddiqui Complaint & Other Documents
[8/5/08]: Last week NEFA added several documents referencing Al-Qaida facilitator Aafia Siddiqui. Those historical documents have been released by the FBI, Special Court of Sierra Leone, Director of National Intelligence, and federal prosecutors. It has now emerged that she was allegedly arrested on July 17, 2008, by the Afghanistan National Police outside the Ghazni governor’s compound. When she was searched, police “found numerous documents describing the creation of explosives, as well as excerpts from the Anarchist’s Arsenal. Siddiqui’s papers included descriptions of various landmarks in the United States, including in New York City. Siddiqui was also in possession of substances that were sealed in bottles and glass jars.” While in custody…(read more)
Sami Al-Arian Affidavits re: IIIT
[8/5/08]: Two highly revealing affidavits, sworn by former University of South Florida professor Sami Al-Arian, have been entered into the court record in Virginia. In addition to answering an array of questions about IIIT and SAAR, Al-Arian stated, “my direct familiarity and involvement with the Muslim Brotherhood occurred from the fall of 1978 until about the end of 1982. I had lesser involvement with the Muslim Brotherhood from the end of 1982 to September 1983. I have no direct knowledge of the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood after September 1983.” (read more)
Douglas Farah’s Testimony Before the House Foreign Affairs Committee
[7/31/08]: NEFA Foundation Senior Investigator Douglas Farah testified before the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Subcommittee on Terrorism, Nonproliferation, and Trade at a hearing titled, “Foreign Aid and the Fight Against Terrorism and Proliferation: Leveraging Foreign Aid to Achieve U.S. Policy Goals.” (read more) 
Brooklyn Bomb Plot Anniversary – Documents Added
[7/31/08]: Today marks the eleventh anniversary of the failed plot to bomb a Brooklyn subway station. Tipped off by a cooperating witness, authorities raided an apartment in Brooklyn and discovered two improvised explosive devices consisting of five pipe bombs. Officers encountered two men — Gazi Ibrahim Abu Mezer and Lafi Khalil — both of whom were shot as they tried to reach switches on the pipe bombs. NEFA has added more than a dozen documents pertaining to this incident to the online library, including a communique authored by the would-be bombers, a summary of an FBI/NYPD interview of one of the plotters, an image of one of the plotter’s passport, a DOJ OIG report on the bombers’ immigration history, as well as a transcript of an intercepted conversation in which Holy Land Foundation officials discuss the incident. (read more)
Bin Laden Statements Added
[7/30/08]: Supplementing its already robust collection of primary source Usama Bin Laden content, the NEFA Foundation has added a transcript of a 1996 Nida’ul Islam interview, a 2004 audiotaped statement, and an undated letter to the Al-Qaida Leadership Statements page. (read more)
Additional Legal Documents Posted
[7/30/08]: New documents have been added to the U.S. Legal Cases – Criminal section in the cases of Abdul Tawala Ibn Ali Alishtari & Brian Anderson, Fawzi Mustapha Assi, Bilal Adullah Ben Benu, Foad Farahi, Adam Gadahn, and Daniel Maldonado. Adnan El Shukrijumah documents have also been posted. The International Legal Case section has been supplemented by additions pertaining to the cases of Brahim Benmerzouga & Baghdad Meziane, Abu Bakr Mansha, and Kazi Rahman. (read more)
New U.S. Legal Documents Added
[7/29/08]: Numerous new legal documents have been added in the cases of Samir Abdoun, Attiqulah Sayed Ahmadi, Hasan Ali Ayesh/William Miller, Farida Goolam Mohamed Ahmed, Ryan Anderson, Moussa Bitar, Moneer Farhat, Zayead Christopher Hajaig & Rabea Hajaig, Naveed Afzal Haq, Darrick Jackson, Hemant Lakhani, Ahmed Merzouk, Mohammad Radwan Obeid, and Ruben Shumpert, as well as from investigations in San Francisco and Chicago. (read more)
L.A. Plot Conspirator Sentenced to 151 Months in Prison
[7/26/08]: In August 2005, federal prosecutors indicted four California men — Kevin James, Levar Washington, Gregory Patterson, and Hammad Samana — on an array of charges, including conspiracy to levy war against the U.S. government. DOJ alleged that the men planned to attack U.S. military facilities, Israeli government facilities and Jewish synagogues in the Los Angeles area. Patterson pled guilty and was sentenced to 151 months in prison. For more on this conspiracy, see the NEFA “Target: America” report “The L.A. Plot to Attack U.S. Military, Israeli Government, & Jewish Targets.” The plot is also discussed in the NEFA Special Report, “Terrorists Behind Bars.” (read more)
Muslim Brotherhood Statements on Al-Qaida
[7/22/08]: A series of historical Muslim Brotherhood statements on Al-Qaida have been added to the NEFA Foundation website. For example, in January 2007, Dr. Mohamed Habib, the Brotherhood’s first deputy chairman, said, “The world now have come to realize the crystal clear difference between the Muslim Brotherhood’s ideology and that of Al-Qaeda network to which Dr. Al Zawahri belongs; we – the Muslim Brotherhood – reject completely the methods and actions by Al-Qaeda network and completely denounce violence and terrorism, and staunchly support peaceful change and reform.” And, in June 2006, Hamas’ Osama Hamdan “reaffirmed” that his organization’s “vision of resistance is completely different than what Al Qaeda believes in and promotes.” (read more)
(NEFA Chart) Shifting Patterns in Taliban Propaganda: Taliban vs. ISI
[7/21/08]: The NEFA Foundation has released a new analytical chart that contrasts the shifting patterns in propaganda releases by the Taliban in Afghanistan versus Al-Qaida’s “Islamic State of Iraq” (ISI) over approximately a one year period (from April 2007 to July 2008). The numbers on the chart…(read more)NEFA Briefing: The July 21, 2005 London Transport Bombings

[7/16/08]: As the third anniversary of the botched 7/21 bombings approaches, the NEFA Foundation is releasing a PowerPoint briefing, authored by NEFA Senior Analyst Josh Lefkowitz, titled, “The July 21, 2005 London Transport Bombings: An In-Depth Look at the Planning, Execution, and Failure…” (read more

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