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The NEFA Foundation has obtained a transcript of an interview, produced by the As-Sahab Media Foundation, with Dr. Ahmad Farooq, Senior Media Official, Al-Qaida in Pakistan. During the interview, Dr. Farooq was asked “how Pakistani individuals” had become a part of Al-Qaida, which “is commonly known as an Arab organization.” He explained, “The claim can be true to the extent that a great majority of the Mujahideen – many of whom have been martyred to this day – who laid its foundation and joined it at the start, was that of the Arab brothers; and even today, a large part of Al-Qaeda comprises of the Arab Mujahideen. But this neither is an introduction to Al-Qaeda, nor any condition to become part of it… We see that Al-Qaida is active on diverse fronts including Algeria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. It embraces Muslims of different nationalities; not only the locals of the areas it holds presence in, but also those belonging to America, different European states, Australasia, the Philippines, Indonesia and numerous other Muslim countries. People from all backgrounds come and join it. Pakistanis are part of it too and this is nothing improbable.”
Dr. Farooq also waved off the frequent criticism that “the Muslims provoked the Kuffar into fighting at a stage when they were not fully prepared to resist them” and that the 9/11 attacks were “premature” because they provoked an American military invasion “which is said to have caused the fall of the Islamic Emirate.” He insisted, “9/11 did not worsen the situation; rather, the state of affairs was altered for once, and the Kuffâr were forced to pay back for the horrors they had been inflicting upon the Muslims… The other thing is that there was no other way to fell a monster like America except that it approached Muslim land itself. Stationed far afield, it was controlling us as though with a remote-control: through our marionette rulers. It is by the Grace of Allah that it has come within our reach… Allah blessed the blood of those nineteen martyrs with great inspiration… And the sequence did not discontinue here…it marked the beginning of a chain reaction. Then came 7/7, the Madrid blasts and the succession carried on. By the Grace of Allah, it is still in progression and shall continue in future, Allah willing.”  

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