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Documents – Afghanistan
[3/03/10]Interview with Taliban Spokesman Qari Muhammad Yousuf Ahmadi
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (the Taliban) have released an interview with spokesman Qari Muhammad Yousuf Ahmadi. Assessing the operations in Marjah, Ahmadi said, “[The] Mujahideen’s resistance against the enemy attacks in Marjah, Nad Ali district, has been continuing as per the plan. According to our previous predictions and assessment, the enemy has now been entangled in battles in accordance with our tactical plan and enemy losses have been spiraling up with the passage of time.” He added, “The enemy openly admits that Marjah operations were a test for the new strategy. If this is true, the enemy should have known by now that their defeat is…a certainty…They resorted to every kind of propaganda stunt to boost their position but have no advancement for the last two weeks. The reason for the enemy’s failure is that they have not learned from the past eight years’ experiences. They want to show their muscles once again under the name of new strategy and prolong their occupation of the country….It will be better for them to pull their forces out of our country and leave the Afghans to live under the shade of an Islamic system.”[3/02/10]Taliban Statement on Marjah Operations
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (the Taliban) have released a communiqué on the U.S. military campaign in Marjah. According to the Taliban, “despite the preparations, boasts and propaganda stunts, the enemy have not been able to make any headway against a small group of Mujahideen who are not more than 1000 armed men…” The statement asked, “Seeing that they were not able to take a small area like Marjah in two weeks, so ironically, how many decades and how much force would they need to take the whole of Afghanistan?” The communiqué counseled, “It will be better for the rulers of the White House to put an end to the current unsuccessful adventure in Afghanistan. All invaders, beginning with Alexander the Great up to the time of the former Soviet Union, have tried this adventure in this Mujahid-bearing land but they all failed. By traversing the same path of failure and fiasco, Obama only prolongs days and nights of his failure and disgrace. Similarly, Obama should stop resorting to other stratagems and ploys because the resistance of Mujahideen has now evolved into a mature phase.”[3/01/10]Interview with CIA Bomber “Abu Dujanah al-Khorasani”
The NEFA Foundation has obtained a transcript of a video interview, released by Al-Qaida’s As-Sahab Media Foundation, with “Abu Dujanah al-Khorasani” (a.k.a. Jordanian doctor Humam al-Balawi), who carried out the deadly suicide bomb attack in late December on the CIA base at Camp Chapman, in the southeast Afghan province of Khost. According to al-Balawi, “My trip with Jihad began a few years ago, after the American invasion of Iraq. I made many attempts to join the Jihad in Iraq, but Allah decreed something else for me.” During the Israeli invasion of Gaza, he watched a report on al-Jazeera report that depicted featuring “the daughters of Zion… watching Gaza as it was being bombed by F-16 fighter jets. They were using binoculars and watching the Muslims get killed, and it was as if they were just observing some natural phenomenon.” After he was arrested by Jordanian authorities for his extremist online activities, “the intelligence officer – whose name was Abu Zaid [Ali bin Zaid], and who works with Abu Faisal in the Counter-Terrorism Division…asked me to work with the security organs in spying on the Mujahideen in Waziristan and Afghanistan….But the amazing thing which I could hardly believe is that I had been trying to mobilize to Jihad in Allah’s path but had been unsuccessful, then this idiotic man comes along and proposes that I go to the fields of Jihad. All praise is due to Allah, Lord of the worlds: it was a dream come true!”[3/01/10]Images from Video of Suicide Bombing Attack on a “U.S. Leadership Base in Afghanistan”
The NEFA Foundation has released still images from a video recording from Al-Qaida’s As-Sahab Media Foundation depicting a suicide bombing attack on a “U.S. Leadership Base in Afghanistan”. The tape’s narrator claims that Turkish operative Muaath al-Turki attacked “the old Khost airport that the U.S. forces and the CIA use as their operations headquarters and a den for their intelligence service” and killed 8 U.S. soldiers and 12 Afghans. The U.S. military denies that such an attack took place. [2/10/10]German Taliban Mujahideen Commander Abu Ishaq al-Muhajir Responds to Proposed European Burqa Ban
The “German Taliban Mujahideen”–a group of German nationals fighting alongside Al-Qaida on the Afghan-Pakistani border–have published a new statement from their top commander, Abu Ishaq al-Muhajir, condemning proposed European bans on the Muslim burqa. Abu Ishaq demanded, “This shows yet again the infidels can do no wrong in their religion of democracy… Where is your so-called religious freedom?” The German militant further scoffed, “Who are you, who cannot even protect yourselves, to presume to take on the responsibility of protecting the noble Muslim woman?”[1/28/10]German Taliban Mujahideen Call for Resistance on the Side of Their Yemeni Brothers
The NEFA Foundation has obtained and translated a newly-released German-language statement from the German Taliban Mujahideen, a group of German-speaking fighters operating in the Afghanistan-Pakistan arena. In this statement, they call for resistance in support of Al-Qaida fighters in Yemen: “Because of these sad circumstances, the German Taliban Mujahideen Muslims call to resistance on the side of their Yemeni brothers and sisters and to support them with money, weapons and soldiers, and to make this prayer of supplication to Allah, to allow them to get the upper hand over their enemies and the power of their leadership. Allah has the power to do anything!”[1/28/10]Taliban Leadership Council Statement on the London Conference
The Leadership Council of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (the Taliban) has released a new communiqué regarding the upcoming London conference on Afghanistan. According to the statement, “The war-mongering rulers under the leadership of Obama and Brown want to deceive the people of the world by holding the London conference to show that people still support them. Thus they hope to dodge the wrath of their own people. Certainly, they invaded our country in contravention of all moral and legal norms and principles. Therefore, all Afghans and Muslims are duty-bound to safeguard and defend their life, property, honor and religious values.” The statement continued, “It is worth mentioning that the leader of the faithful Mulla Mohmmmad Omar (May Allah protect him) has clearly said that we want an Islamic rule in our country.” The Taliban counseled, “If they really want to take amicable measure for the solution of the issue, they should release the detainees in prisons in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Guantanamo and other prisons. In the first place, they should not have kept them in jails for so many years against all principles of the world. They should have completely removed the black list and should not have sent more troops. They should have fulfilled what they are saying.” And, “If the Afghan issue is not pondered upon and mooted in a realistic way and once again try to prolong the military, economic, cultural and political occupation of the country, this conference will be a mere eye-wish like other conferences.”[12/13/09]Former Taliban Minister: Two Million Martyrs to Defend UBL
The NEFA Foundation has released the transcript of a jihadi magazine interview with former Taliban Deputy Justice Minister Jalaluddin Shinwari, once considered one of the moderate Taliban leaders who would cooperate with the Karzai administration. Shinwari said, “we welcome Sheikh Usama bin Laden and his Arab brothers and others in Afghanistan, and we defend them in obedience to Allah before anything…The Afghani people are fully ready to provide—for the cause of Allah—two million other martyrs in defense of Sheikh Usama bin Laden and his brothers, because we consider this a pillar in our religion; we cannot [possibly] neglect the Sheikh and his brothers…it is an impossible matter for us. The love of the Afghani people to Sheikh Usama bin Laden—we believe—is stronger than the love of the Arabian Peninsula to his because he is a Muslim Mujahid.’” He added, “We consider the Sheikh Abu Omar al-Baghdadi and Sheikh Abu Hamza al-Muhajir—may Allah protect those— leaders of Jihad against the crusader occupation to our beloved Iraq.” The official Taliban media wing has distanced itself from Shinwari: “There was a famous person named Jalal ad-Deen Shinwari whose position was Vise deputy of the Ministry of Justice during the Islamic Emirate government, and not representative of the Amir of Believers. But, today he is not with the mujahideen and he does not work with the Islamic Emirate.”[12/09/09]Taliban: “Obama, Following in Bush’s Steps”
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (the Taliban) have released a new communiqué titled, “Obama, Following in Bush’s Steps.” According to the statement, “the Afghans…did not expect Obama, a Nobel peace prize winner, to flare up the war in the country…despite his warmongering approach, Obama did not achieve his declared goal of wiping out the Mujahideen in Helmand or realizing the take, hold and build strategy.” The Taliban assessed, “far from receiving a lesson from the failure of their military operations in June this year, the Americans launched another operation this week. It seems, the peace prize winner Obama is trying to implement the expansionist policy left to him as a legacy by W. Bush.” The communiqué continued, “They are bent on maintaining their bases in Afghanistan like they have been maintaining them in Japan, South Korea, Germany, etc. There are now hundreds of military bases in Afghanistan built under the notorious name of so-called war on terror. Every one knows that these bases are built in Afghanistan for the achievement of colonialist goals in the region.”[12/07/09]Images of the Taliban at an Abandoned Coalition Outpost in Nuristan Province
The NEFA Foundation has released still images from a video recording recently published by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (the Taliban), depicting the conquest of a coalition military outpost in the eastern Afghan province of Nuristan. Following their apparent “victory”, several high-ranking Taliban commanders are shown in the video touring the abandoned base and sampling various items that have been hastily left behind by its former inhabitants — including automatic weapons and an elliptical workout machine. 
*Update*: (Added 12/21/09) A report by the DNI Open Source Center examining the Taliban video depicting the conquest of a coalition military outpost in the eastern Afghan province of Nuristan has become publicly available. The report is available here. [12/03/09]Taliban: “Regarding Obama’s New Strategy”
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (the Taliban) have released a new communiqué responding to President Obama’s remarks, titled, “Regarding Obama’s New Strategy”. The statement noted, “The American President Obama has announced his strategy after months of dithering. The essence of the strategy shows that the needs and wants of the American people have been overlooked during the framing of this strategy and it has been formulated under the pressure of (Army) Generals in the Pentagon, the American Neo-conservatives and the wealthiest few in America and for the protection of their interests. Hence it is a strategy of colonialism aimed at securing interests of the American capitalists and it seems America has vast and protracted but wicked and hostile plans not only for Afghanistan but for the whole region.” The Taliban warned that “the reinforcements will provide better opportunities for the Mujahideen to launch offensives. On the other hand, it will deepen the crisis of the American economy which is already in shambles.” The statement pointed out that “The Islam-loving and freedom-loving people of Afghanistan consider the Kabul Administration and the forces working under this Administration as corrupt and surrogates of the invaders.” Moreover, “The Mujhideen of the Islamic Emirate have worked out a vast strategy and prepared for strong resistance to foil the illegal, anti-Islamic and anti-Afghanistan conspiracies of the internal and external Allies and counter them in every part of the country with full strength and put up a protracted resistance. The Mujahideen have high morale and complete readiness and believe that Obama’s new strategy will fail like it did previously.”[11/27/09]Afghan Taliban Release Eid al-Adha Message from Mullah Omar
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (the Taliban) have released a new communiqué from their shadowy leader, Amir al-Mumineen Mullah Mohammed Omar, to mark the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha. In the message, Omar rejected negotiations, saying, “our mujahid people will not accept the negotiations that ought to add legitimacy to the continuing occupation in their country. Afghanistan is our home, and no one accepts [these] negotiations that’ll make others have a share their home and to manage it, and to forbid themselves from the right to own their home, and to turn this into a slave-for-an-oppressor.” In a section devoted “to the supporters of freedom from the people of Europe and the West in general”, Omar stated, “Your colonist rulers have attacked our country in the name of war against terrorism, and that is to serve a small number of capitalists and suckers of people’s blood, in order to gain more wealth. They have built their new colonialist traps and daily they kill our youths, elderly, women and children with grenades and tanks, thrown over by your soldiers. And at night they barge into our homes, destroy our green gardens and general property, educational and trade centers, with blind air raids. Pushing away this aggression and defending our country is our legitimate and national right, and we will use our rights to defend with all the methods and sacrifices…” In a section addressed to “the rulers of the White House, and the America war supporters”, Omar said, “Considering the present facts in Afghanistan, you and your allies are facing inevitable defeat which will remain whether by sending more troops or taking a series of illogical strategies. And may you know that the logic of using force today has lost its effect, and you cannot control the Afghani people through the monetary force or your satanic trickery.”[11/16/09]Taliban Deputy Emir: “Obama’s New Strategy”
The NEFA Foundation has obtained a communication from Mullah Brader Akhund, Deputy Emir of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (the Taliban) titled “Obama’s New Strategy.” Akhund stated, “Obama wants to get a by-law passed…that would allow giving money and other financial aids to some members of Taliban in order to encourage them to part ways with the current armed resistance. We would like to tell Obama that this is an old weapon that has failed already. The British invaders used it in the 19th century but failed; the former Soviet Union used it, [and] it failed too. The Afghan Mujahid people and the Mujahideen at the front lines have vast experiences of the past three decades in this regard and know all tactics used by the enemy.” He continued, “All Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan have been waging Jihad against the Americans and other invaders on the basis of an obligation of their belief and ideas. The terms of moderate (Taliban) and extremists are American-invented terms, which have no physical existence.” Akhund counseled, “This war will come to an end when all invaders leave our country and an Islamic government based on the aspirations of our people is formed in the country.”[11/16/09]Taliban: “Why is the UN So Disturbed at the Murder of the Western Nationals?”
The NEFA Foundation has obtained a communication from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (the Taliban) titled “Why is the UN So Disturbed at the Murder of the Western Nationals?” In the communiqué, issued after the Taliban killed six foreign United Nations staff in Kabul, the Taliban harshly criticized the U.N.: “If we have a glimpse at events in Palestine, Iraq and other issues and the bloodbath now going on at the level of the Ummah, we will readily know…how callously and brutally the invading colonialists kill common Muslims collectively and invade Islamic lands flagrantly. If we look at the horrendous events in our country, Afghanistan during the past eight years, we will see clearly that the Security Council with its full strength is siding with America and the coalition forces. They have their share in the mass murders of the Afghan people and are the cause of the tragedies and sufferings of the Afghans. During the past eight years, never a day has passed without the Americans and Western brutal forces not committing crimes, murder, or torture against our people or not encroaching on our national and religious values. The blind bombardment on civilian targets, night raids on people houses, murders, tortures, bombardments on funeral and wedding ceremonies are some of the crimes, the invaders have perpetrated during the past eight years. But the United Nations has turned a blind eye to these crimes and not acted as per its responsibilities and caliber as a universal body. Throughout this period, they only ratified and approved resolutions allowing prolongation of occupation of Afghanistan and reinforcement there.”[11/10/09]Afghan Taliban Celebrate Ft. Hood Massacre
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (the Taliban) has issued a new official communique in response to the massacre at Ft. Hood, Texas that killed 13 people. In a statement titled, “The Attack In Texas Is A Proof On The Disagreement Among American Soldiers Over The War”, the Taliban celebrated the “fight and trance and enormous fears within the military and civil circles in America” caused by the incident. The Taliban noted, “the hero of the attack is the Muslim psychiatrist in the rank of Major in the American Army, from Palestinian origin… Some of the Western organizations and media sources say—regarding the factors that made the American soldier Nidal Hasan carry this attack—it might be caused by psychological illness and stress, which spread amongst the soldiers in the battlefields in Afghanistan and Iraq… But, other specialists, next to these factors, diagnosed another special factor; that the oppression and the monstrosity and prisoner torture and air raids and general killing, carried out by the American army in Iraq and Afghanistan, have led to a situation of widespread dissonance and exhaustion between the American soldiers, and the American military bases. Maybe this incident was a reaction to these injustices, and disowning them.” The Taliban statement further warned that if the U.S. fails to withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan “it will become normal for incidents and attacks similar to Texas’ to expand to the Pentagon and the rest of the American military bases, and it is inevitable that those with a spark of self-awareness to react with fundamentalist rebellion.”
[11/09/09]As-Sahab Foundation: The Statements of Waliur Rehman and Hakimullah Mehsud
The NEFA Foundation has obtained and translated videotaped statements by Waliur Rehman, Emir of Mehsud Taliban in South Waziristan Agency, and Hakimullah Mehsud, Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) leader. The statements appear to be aimed at legitimizing Rehman as the new leader of the South Waziristan chapter of the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan and possibly one of the most important powerbrokers within the Mehsud-led TTP. In October 2009, The NEFA Foundation released an exclusive package based on its access to Hakimullah Mehsud’s handwritten notes, which provided a rare reliable account of his life and origins. In September 2009, NEFA released a four-part package examining competing voices within the Taliban leadership in Pakistan, which included a profile of Rehman.[11/05/09]Interview with Taliban Spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid re: the UN Guesthouse Attack in Kabul
The NEFA Foundation has obtained an English transcript of an interview with Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid regarding the October 28th attack on the UN Guesthouse in Kabul that left 11 dead, including 5 UN workers. According to the interview, “A great number of foreigners, who are to monitor the coming runoff elections, are staying in the guesthouse. Being equipped with weapons, the Mujahideen succeeded to enter the guesthouse and opened fire on security guards pointblank inside the compound of the guesthouse. When security forces from other parts of the city arrived at the scene, Mujahideen engaged them in fighting. After putting up strong resistance, the Mujahideen detonated their explosives, killing or injuring about 50 foreigners.” Moreover, “According to a previously worked out plan, Mujahideen fired 5 missiles at the Presidential Palace and the Serena Hotel at nine o’clock which resulted in casualties among foreign nationals, staying in the hotel. Eyewitnesses say, vehicles were seen racing out with dead bodies and injured persons. Our information emphasizes some members of the monitoring team for the next runoff elections including staff workers and advisers were residing in the hotel.”[11/03/09]Al-Somood Interview with Taliban Official in Herat Province
The NEFA Foundation has obtained an interview with Sheikh Abdul Manan Niyazi, Governor and Military Official for the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (The Taliban) in Herat Province, published in Al-Somood, a monthly Islamic magazine published by the Taliban’s media center. According to Al-Somood, Niyazi has belonged to the Taliban “since the beginning of its establishment and he is…considered to have played a prominent role in the foundation of the movement.”  Niyazi asserted that “Percentage-wise…the enemy does not control more than 10% of Herat…In Herat there are no areas in which the Mujahidin do not have powerful military strongholds which they control.” He added, “we can say with all reassurance that the Mujahideen are concentrated in plentiful numbers in every corner of Herat province, praise be to Allah. We do not feel any scarcity of Mujahedeen and have not suffered from any scarcity up to this time. They resist the enemy with different military procedures and use effective tactics such as exploding mines and improvised explosive devices, fight and flight and surprise raids.” Among the operations he highlighted was an attack on Italian forces that “was considered the worst losses suffered by the Italian forces since they came to Afghanistan. This has caused the issue of withdrawing Italian troops to swell during these days and their have been violent debates on this topic.” [10/27/09]Taliban: “Regarding the Runoff Elections”
The NEFA Foundation has obtained a communication from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (the Taliban) titled “Regarding the Runoff Elections,” which noted that runoff elections are being held again to “keep the attention of our countrymen and the public of the world diverted in order to hide their defeat at the military field.” The Taliban instructed their countrymen to “avoid participating in the deceitful and foreign-made electoral process. On the command of your belief and the Afghani conscience, you should completely boycott the elections on the basis of the rule of Sharia.” Further, “All Mujahideen should make efforts to foil this wicked process; should carry out operations against their centers; prevent people from participating in the elections and block all roads and paths for all public and government vehicles one day before the day of the polling and inform people about this. Similarly, with the help of religious scholars, clerics and elders, educate people about the clandestine motives behind the elections. Create awareness among people regarding the conspiracies of the enemy.” According to the statement, “The Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan have worked out programs to foil and prevent this process. They closely monitor all workers, officials and voters…”[10/16/09]Message from German Taliban Mujahidin Amir Abu Ishaq al Muhajir
The NEFA Foundation has obtained a new document from the designated terrorist organization known as the “Islamic Jihad Union” (IJU), offering a message from the “German Taliban Mujahideen.” The statement encourages German ISAF soldiers serving in Afghanistan to abandon their posts, or else face grave punishment: “Just as the terrorist crusaders were surprised and shocked, so will also be the unjust German crusaders surprised and shocked.” The statement goes on: ”We observe that your soldiers are being carved up by our Martyrs Brigades, and that your troops in Afghanistan are being wiped out. We promise you that the German troops, who are the protectors of the Zionist Christian Union, will return individually in coffins from the occupied territories.”[10/14/09]Taliban Statement on the “Eighth Anniversary of the American Attack on Afghanistan”
The NEFA Foundation has obtained a communication from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (the Taliban) titled “On the Occasion of the Eighth Anniversary of the American Attack on Afghanistan”, in which the Taliban noted, “they were promising they would withdraw within three months, in their words, after eliminating the so-called terrorism. Contrarily, today eight years from that time have passed, but they have built up hundreds of military bases in Afghanistan and Iraq. They say that they will raise the level of their troops to almost 110,000 troops. It is clear from this, that they have occupied Afghanistan for the execution of their expansionist plans in the Middle East, Central Asia and the Southeast Asia.” The statement continued, “We believed from day one, that this is not a war between democracy and the so-called terrorism but rather a war between the western colonialism and the freedom-loving nationalist and Islamist forces.” The Taliban warned, “if you want to turn the country of the proud and pious Afghans into a colony, then know that we have an unwavering determination and have braced for a prolonged war. Have a glance at the history, the Afghans are the people characterized by historical distinction of always sacrificing in the way of their religion and country. Today, we will not fall short of this.”[9/19/09]Afghan Taliban Release Ramadan Message from Mullah Omar
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (the Taliban) have released a new letter from their shadowy leader, Amir al-Mumineen Mullah Mohammed Omar, to mark the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr. In his letter, Mullah Omar blamed Western powers for “impos[ing] a corrupt and stooge administration on the people once again by the pretext of the so-called elections which were fraught with fraud and lies and which were categorically rejected by the people. It is very natural that the gallant and free people are not ready to accept the results of these illegitimate elections… The internal issues among the Afghans can be solved but in circumstances of occupation, (our) national and Islamic interests come under the shadow of the interests of the foreigners and our national and Islamic interests readily fall prey to the interests and conspiracies of global colonialism.” The Taliban leader further threatened that “our ensuing aggressive operations will be characterized by effective tactics which will enter a phase where the enemy will have unparalleled casualties and constant defeats, if God wills.”[9/15/09]Taliban: “A Book of Rules”
The NEFA Foundation has obtained a new communication from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (the Taliban) titled “A Book of Rules”, which lays out the organization’s practical methodology in military affairs. According to the text, “It is compulsory for all the Mujahideen, their provincial and districts’ heads to strictly follow this new set of rules and regulations. All the materials issued prior to this booklet will be considered invalid.” The document addresses topics such as “Prisoners’ Dealings”, “How to Deal with Spies”, “Matter of War’s Booty”, and “Intra-Mujahideen Affairs”.8/26/09]GIMF Interview with Taliban Representative Abu Bakr al-Qurashi
The NEFA Foundation has obtained and translated an interview with Taliban representative Abu Bakr al-Qurashi published in the Global Islamic Media Front’s official magazine, Sada al-Jihad. In the interview, al-Qurashi was asked, “What is your opinion towards what al-Jazeerah channel had marketed regarding a new American view of the Islamic World, and to support that it showed images of Obama speaking to the Muslims in Turkey?” He responded, “The American stance towards the Islamic World is clear; extremely clear that it is a hostile and aggressive stance…so how could Obama hide this clear stance, while all the beastly injustices the American forces committed during eight years; with a short speech he presented upon a group of people in Turkey or in Cairo?” And commenting on “attempt[s] to transfer the experiment of Iraqi awakenings to Afghanistan through cooperation with tribes and lost Islamic movements”, al-Qurashi said that “the matter is different between the situation in Afghanistan and the current conditions in Iraq, and that is why the attempt to bring out tribal awakenings by the Americans has resulted in extreme failure in Afghanistan.”[8/14/09]Taliban Media Spokesman: Baitullah Mehsud is Still Alive
The NEFA Foundation has obtained a new message posted by Abdullah al-Wazir, the official online correspondent for the media wing of the Taliban movement in Afghanistan, sharply denying reports that the leader of the Pakistani Taliban Baitullah Mehsud has been killed in a U.S. missile strike. According to al-Wazir, these widespread rumors are merely part of a plot by American and Pakistani intelligence agencies to prod Mehsud into foolishly revealing his secret location. Al-Wazir insisted, “Baitullah Mehsud is alive in Pakistan, and his organization will soon air a video [of him].”[7/16/09]Jihadist Forum Post Claims Taliban Urgently Needs Money
The NEFA Foundation has obtained and translated a new post from online jihadi discussion forums asserting that the Taliban is in desperate need of money. After discussing the plundering of trucks “carrying supplies for the heretics”, the poster stated, “Let the brothers know that I published this news only after being asked by the leaders of the Taliban to do so, to publish this information so that the Muslims will know that we are in urgent need for money until we’ll drive out the heretics.” [5/19/09]Q&A With Taliban Media Wing Representative
The NEFA Foundation has obtained and produced an edited transcript of an open question-and-answer session with Afghan Taliban media wing spokesman Ahmad Mukhtar that took place several days ago over an Arabic-language Internet chat forum. During the exchange, when asked about the Taliban’s stance on the 9/11 attacks, Mukhtar replies, “as he who harms Muslims whether in Afghanistan, Palestine, Iraq or others of Muslim countries, then it is rightful for Muslims too to return the harm like how they harmed them.” Mukhtar was asked, “Has Hezb-e-Islami, under the command of Gulbudeen Hekmatyar, given bayat to the Amir of Believers, Mulla Muhammad Omar Mujahid, or is he carrying [out] Jihad outside of it? And how do you view the Hezb-e-Islami?” He responds, “Hezb-e-Islami, under the leadership of Hekmatyar, did not give bayat to the Amir of Believers…we view him as a brother in belief and faith and we respect him.” And addressing the Muslim Brotherhood, he states, “Regarding the support of some members of the Brotherhood Movement against the Islamic Emirate, [it] is because of their greed to reign and claim positions. Allah has punished them so that they lost life’s positions and they have to go back to their religion before they lose the afterlife. Those who wear the symbol of Islam without actions, we ask Allah to protect us from them.”[4/26/09]Taliban: “Why Are the Americans Closing Down Jihadi Media?”
The NEFA Foundation has obtained a new communiqué from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (the Taliban) assailing purported American efforts to shut down Taliban web sites and radio stations. On April 18, 2009, The Wall Street Journal reported that “the Obama administration is starting a broad effort in Pakistan and Afghanistan to prevent the Taliban from using radio stations and Web sites to intimidate civilians and plan attacks…As part of the classified effort, American military and intelligence personnel are working to jam the unlicensed radio stations in Pakistan’s lawless regions on the Afghanistan border that Taliban fighters use to broadcast threats and decrees. U.S. personnel are also trying to block the Pakistani chat rooms and Web sites that are part of the country’s burgeoning extremist underground.” In response, the Taliban asserted that the Americans “for the past four to five years have made widespread and continuous efforts to silence and foil these websites and stations.” Moreover, according to the Taliban, “The Americans should feel really ashamed that despite their huge material strength and superiority they are [so] afraid of a few local Internet sites and FM radio stations, which cannot operate outside a 20 km radius, that the Pentagon intervenes and regards these limited and few sources as a great threat.”[2/11/09]Taliban Claim Responsibility for Kabul Attacks
The NEFA Foundation has obtained a new communiqué from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (the Taliban) claiming responsibility for the coordinated February 11, 2009 attack on the Ministry of Justice, the Directorate of Prisons, and the Ministry of Education in Kabul, which killed at least 26. According to the statement, “16 mujahideen from Al-Hamzah martyrdom group in Afghanistan Islamic Emirate launched a revengeful campaign for the prisoners who were killed by the hands of the crusaders and their mercenary agents in Beltcherkhi prison during the days of the recent Eid Al-Adha. ” Further, the statement claims that “8 mujahideen were martyred and 8 mujahideen went back without harm to their stations.”[2/3/09]Taliban Reject Formation of “Awakening”-Style Movements in Afghanistan
The NEFA Foundation has obtained and translated a new communiqué from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (the Taliban) rejecting the formation of new paramilitary security organizations in Afghanistan modeled on the apparent success of the “Awakening” movements in Iraq. The Taliban warned that the Karzai administration “can label these militias with any name it wants, but in fact they are just like those from the former communist-era, such as Gilam Jam ([Abdul Rashid] Dostum’s militia)… The nation should not be deceived by these names. The formation of these new militias is testimony to the fact that U.S., NATO, and Afghan National Army and local police forces have suffered total defeat at the hands of the Taliban. They are like a drowning person trying to grab any object floating by. They are repeating the same experience of the communists. The brave nation of Afghanistan will not consider these irresponsible raiders as their defenders, and neither will they dispatch their sons to join these useless ranks.”
[1/28/09]Taliban Insist “Closing the Cages of Guantanamo is Not Enough”
The NEFA Foundation has obtained a new statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (the Taliban) titled, “Closing the Cages of Guantanamo is Not Enough.”  According to the statement, “This action of Barack Obama regarding Guantanamo prison can be regarded as a positive step to strengthen peace and stability in the region and in the world. It is, however, another issue as to… whether the closure of this prison is really Obama’s initiative or the result of the blessing of the strength, faith, and great determination of the mujahideen… Anyway, as a result of the enormous chaos that the war-mongering Bush administration created in the region and the world, the closure of one prison can only be seen as an ordinary effort. If Barack Obama is really interested in peace and stability in the world, he should not suffice to this measure alone and should declare as null and void all those evil projects which have been started in the light of the satanic polices of Bush to destabilize the entire world… If Barack Obama, according to his speech, really wants to open a new page of peaceful relations with the Islamic world based on mutual respect, then before anything else he should stop and declare null and void everything that has taken place under the criminal polices of Bush. He should completely withdraw his forces from the two occupied countries of Afghanistan and Iraq and he should end support for Israel which is against Islamic interests in the Middle East and in the entire world.”
[11/21/08]Taliban Reject Hamid Karzai’s Offer to Protect Mullah Omar
The NEFA Foundation has obtained a new statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (the Taliban) rejecting Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s solemn offer to Mullah Omar to “guarantee his security and safety” if he would agree to willingly participate in peace negotiations. The Taliban assert that “Karzai and his masters should know, personal immunity and power obtainment is not an issue for Mullah Mohammad Omar Mujahid.” Further, “Our people may remember that at the first months following the American invasion of Afghanistan, Mr. Karzai was reiterating the same appeals and polished assertions for members and the rank and file of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, claiming no member of Taliban, whether senior or junior, would be harassed merely by being a member of Taliban. Then, we saw with our own eyes that thousands of defenseless Taliban were arrested and kept in containers and dungeons of Qallae Jangi. They were consequently mercilessly martyred — an unforgettable tragedy reminiscent of Mr. Karzai’s retracting his promise… one can conclude that the hackneyed words and assertions by Mr. Karzai are aimed at throwing dust in the eyes of the people. Ironically, Karzai has not the authority to take up the dialogue by his own nor can tell the nation the truth.”[11/13/08]Taliban Reaction to Obama Victory
The NEFA Foundation has obtained a new statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (the Taliban) addressed to U.S. President-elect Barack Obama. The Taliban assess that “the overwhelming victory of Barrack Obama, the candidate of the Democrats in the US Presidential Election and his assumption of US presidency reveals the collective willingness of American people not to continue the current despicable and anti-human wars in Afghanistan and Iraq — wars that have been launched by W. Bush.”  Further, it is “imperative for Obama to put an end to all the policies being followed by his Opposition Party, the Republicans and pull out US troops from Afghanistan and Iraq forthwith.”  The statement ends with the following advice to Obama: “He should respect the rights of the people to independence and observe the norms of human rights. In short, he should set out on a policy that will have a message of peace for the war-stricken world which has been victimized by the arrogance and tyranny of USA.”[10/24/08]Taliban Reject Notion of Iraq-Style “Awakening” Movement in Afghanistan
The NEFA Foundation has obtained a new statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (the Taliban) rejecting the notion that a U.S.-sponsored “Awakening” movement in South Asia — styled after the model recently developed in Sunni areas of Iraq — has any chance of success in Afghanistan. According to the statement, “the Americans should not look at Afghanistan in the context of Iraq. Here sectarian differences do not exist among the people in the tribal areas as it is the case in Iraq. Should that had been the case, the Americans might have taken advantage of that and tipped the people against Mujahideen. Now we are beholding that the people of the tribal areas are bonded and infatuated by the spirit of Jihad and patriotism, making it almost impossible for the Americans to take a breath of relief… Americans have to analyze the role, reputation, and history of these unscrupulous militias and then re-examine the strategy of militia formation.”[10/7/08]Taliban Deny Peace Talks, Urge Fighters to Avoid Innocent Civilians
The NEFA Foundation has obtained and translated four new statements from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (the Taliban). In these new communiqués, the Taliban have denied widespread rumors of Saudi-sponsored peace talks with the Afghan governmentand have mocked news that U.S. troops withdrawing from Iraq may soon be sent to Afghanistan. The communiqués also include an official message from Taliban commander Mullah Mohammed Omar, in which he strongly warned Taliban fighters, “be very careful when you face the general population and your innocent countrymen. Don’t go ahead with an attack which has the possibility of harming the general population… Every act [must be avoided] which is not in harmony with the teachings of Islam, which is not customary in our Islamic civilization, or which reflects poorly upon the Islamic nation. Covert enemy operations carried out in your name—such as the blasts in the mosques where there are gatherings of innocent people, highway robbery, the chopping of noses and ears in the name of what is forbidden in Islam and what is considered permissible or non permissible, and the burning of Islamic books—must be strongly countered. Whoever is responsible for acts such as this for whatever reasons must restrain his group, and must not defame our mujahideen.”
[10/2/08]Al-Qaida’s Foreign Fighters Shift Focus from Iraq to Pakistan and Afghanistan
The NEFA Foundation has obtained and translated Arabic-language biographies of foreign fighters—particularly those from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait—which appear to document a shift in focus away from the jihad in Iraq and towards the growing conflict in Pakistan and Afghanistan. The biographies include the story of “Abu Ubaidah al-Najdi”, a 25-year old Saudi medical student who spent six months fighting in northern Iraq before leaving and “heading for Afghanistan”—and the video-recorded “martyrdom” will of “Abu Ghareeb al-Makki” (a.k.a. Kamaal al-Hadhli), the Saudi Al-Qaida suicide bomber responsible for the June 2008 suicide bombing attack on the Danish embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan. One of the other men profiled in the documents, Saudi national Sari Bin Hamad al-Sari (a.k.a. Ikrama al-Najdi)—who died in a failed Taliban assault on the Khost regional airport in Afghanistan—was reputed to have been a close friend and associate of Abu Ghareeb al-Makki.
[9/4/08]Taliban Statement: “The Most Acrimonious Week for Occupation Forces”
The NEFA Foundation has obtained a statement issued by the Taliban titled “The Most Acrimonious Week for Occupation Forces.” The statement lauds the August 2008 ambush that killed 10 French soldiers and asserts that “the puppet administration of Kabul has tried to cover up the true information about the loss of occupation forces…”[8/27/08]Al-Somood Biography of Deceased Taliban Military Commander Mullah Dadullah
The NEFA Foundation is releasing additional content drawn from Al-Somood, a monthly Islamic magazine published by the Taliban’s media center. In this piece, dated July 2007, Al-Somood provides a biography of Taliban military commander Mullah Dadullah, who was killed by NATO and Afghan troops in May 2007. The biography explains that “One of the most dangerous (things) the martyr Dadullah had done against the worldwide crusader ally in Afghanistan is coaching the suicide youngsters who had overpowered the crusader forces as soldiers. The number of these youngsters reaches the hundreds and they have been spread in the different counties of Afghanistan. These youngsters have succeeded, with the kindness of the raised God, in filling the hearts of the enemy with fear from everything and in every place, and for that, the enemy saw him (Dadullah) as the master of the suicides and named him as the martyr Zarqawi, the master of the suicides in Iraq.” In May 2007, the NEFA Foundation obtained a videotaped interview of Dadullah that was broadcast on ABC News’ “World News.”[8/12/08]Al-Somood Interview of Taliban Military Commander – Kandahar District
In the coming weeks, the NEFA Foundation will be releasing a stream of content drawn from Al-Somood, a monthly Islamic magazine published by the Taliban’s media center. In this piece, dated July 2007, Al-Somood interviews Almullah Akhthar Muhammad Mansur, the Taliban’s Military Commander in the Kandahar District. Asked about the number of fighters under his leadership, Mansur said, “In practice, there are 3,500 jihad warriors in Kandahar who are fighting the crusaders. However, the number of the jihad warriors is much greater than this, but we have armed a limited number among us with weapons and supplies. In the times of necessity this number will be raised easily, because all of the men and the youth in the county carry the spirit of jihad and of sacrifice against the enemy.”[6/9/08]Taliban Defends Peace Accord with Pakistani Government
The NEFA Foundation has obtained and translated a new communiqué from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (the Taliban movement) defending the recent peace accord negotiated between the Pakistani government and local Taliban forces. According to the statement, “We consider the peace accord in Pakistan as an internal affair, which pertains to that country alone—yet the occupation forces in Afghanistan and the forces hostile to Islam around the world oppose this peace accord and argue it will lead to an escalation in jihadi activities in Afghanistan. This claim is groundless and it is far from the truth… The occupying forces and their supporters are facing total defeat in Afghanistan, and therefore, they are trying to use these kind of statements and claims in order to distract the gaze of the Afghans and the rest of the world in another direction—so that the Afghan resistance will appear to be weak.”[4/5/08]Taliban Statement on the “NATO countries meeting in Romania”
The NEFA Foundation has obtained a statement issued by the Taliban blasting the outcome of the NATO meeting in Romania.  According to the Taliban, the meeting “failed to chalk out any plan for future. The NATO countries repeated the same old slogans during the summit meeting…The NATO member countries not only deceive Afghans with false slogans but also their own people.”[4/1/08]Taliban Claims Attacks on Dutch Soldiers in Afghanistan Were Revenge for “Fitna”
The NEFA Foundation has obtained a statement issued by the Taliban claiming that two attacks on Dutch soldiers in Afghanistan were “part” of a “chain of…revenge” for “Fitna”, a controversial film produced by Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders. The Taliban communiqué states, “One of the Dutch members of parliament offended the holy Quran with full insolence. Officials in that country or its citizens did not prevent him from doing so, and he released his movie… In turn, we vow to take revenge – Allah willing – from those Dutch soldiers, by the value of their skulls. They had come to our country as occupiers, and most of them are in Uruzgan province.”[3/27/08]Taliban Leader Warns of Spring Offensive
The NEFA Foundation has obtained a statement issued by Mulla Beradar, the second ranking official in the Taliban, in which he warns of a spring offensive. Beradar announces, “now the winter is coming to an end and spring is around the corner, the Emirate Islamic of Afghanistan have launched a new operation ‘Ibrat’ (Lesson) all over the country. The purpose of this new operation is to attack the enemy for where he never expected, thus forcing him to get out of Afghanistan.” He adds, “this new operation will include new tactics and some old…” and promises that they “will continue jihad unit the invaders completely withdrawal or are defeated…”[12/30/07]Taliban Dismisses Mansour Dadullah as Top Military Commander
The NEFA Foundation has obtained and translated a new communiqué from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (the Taliban) announcing the sudden dismissal of Mansour Dadullah as their top military commander. According to the statement, “Mansour Dadullah has refused to obey our orders…and has carried out acts that are not compatible with the aims of the Islamic Emirate. Due to this, we have decided the following: to remove Mansour Dadullah from his post as military commander and immediately revoke his authority to perform all major tasks, and to remove him from any position of responsibility within the Islamic Emirate. Nor should anyone recognize him as a leader or official from the Islamic Emirate.” 
[12/22/07]Statement from Taliban Leader Mullah Omar
The NEFA Foundation has obtained a communiqué from Taliban leader Mullah Omar in which he appeals to “Muslims to help their Mujahideen brothers” and “do Jihad” because it is “clear” that the “invaders will never withdraw their forces…” He also advises the Mujahideen that they must not allow the “enemy” to create “cleavage[s]” that divide them. [12/22/07]Statement from the Taliban on Musa Kala
The NEFA Foundation has obtained a communiqué from the Taliban on the battle for Musa Kala, which asks “how many weeks will [the] invaders be able to” maintain control of the “Musa Kala district?”

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