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The Covid-19 Pandemic and Environment

The coronavirus pandemic has taken away numerous lives and is still posing to be a threat. Nobody knows clearly whether the cases will reduce and this coronavirus will disappear or a second wave is yet to hit. To curb the spread of this disease, since it is highly communicable, lockdowns and curfews were implemented worldwide but the disease spread like anything, the economies went down and the whole world at once almost stopped. However, there was something good that did happen during this period.

How the Pandemic has affected the Environment?

When people were not allowed to move out of their homes except in case of emergencies, the roads got almost devoid of vehicles. International travel, national travel by air completely stopped and since no airplanes in the sky, no harmful gases emitted. Work from home and study from home, both these made the roads empty and therefore, hardly any harmful gases were emitted during the lockdowns or curfews were strictly implemented.

Fewer greenhouse gases got up into the sky and the level of pollution came down to a very good extent. Due to lesser emission of greenhouse gases lesser heat got fenced inside the earth’s atmosphere and hence, there were positive signs that the threat of climate change can be reduced. Climate change, basically due to global warming, is a major threat, and overheating of the earth is causing this. The shutdowns healed the environment, even though it cost the lives of over a million people around the world.

Is this Effect Temporary?

For those few months, we got to see clear skies, fresher air, and better weather but these pleasant effects were temporary. Once the world started to reopen a little, people came out, and again roads full of traffic have become a day-to-day scenario. Although the complete effect has not yet vanished because travel by air is still somewhat restricted and not all sources of pollution have restarted.

Even when everything returns to normal completely, it is necessary to maintain the level of greenhouse gases’ emissions and check the pollution level. The future will show, what will be the fate of climate change.

2020 US Presidential Elections and Joe Biden’s Victory

Joe Biden brought to light the topic of environment and climate change. He has said that this is a major problem threatening the world and it needs to be controlled well. He has also shown his interest in expanding the sector of renewable energy. President Donald Trump, during his term, pulled America out of the Paris Agreement but Joe Biden plans to join it back as soon as he begins his term as the 46th President of the United States.

Biden has shown his concern towards this alarming issue and the world is well aware of the fact that the United States contributes a lot to the pollution. Therefore, it is expected that Biden will make reforms and bring about a positive change.

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