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Pfizer’s Vaccine: What will happen next?

In a week, Pfizer has improvised its coronavirus vaccine, and previously, the company claimed this vaccine to be more than 90% effective against the infection while now, it claims that the vaccine is over 95% effective against the coronavirus infection. The company is looking forward to the governmental authority of the vaccine. Once this vaccine gets complete approval, the company will start the distribution process within hours. The company has great hopes of getting approval after the successful third phase trial.

Competition with other Firms

Moderna is the major competitor of Pfizer currently. Moderna has claimed that their vaccine is over 94.5% effective against this disease, tested well, did not show any severe cases of infections, and does not have major side effects. Almost similar qualities are there in the case of Pfizer’s vaccine and that makes the race even tougher. Moderna is also trying to get authorization and approval.

Then just behind, there are some other firms whose research is still going on. The chief vaccine companies like Merck and Sanofi are doing their ½ phase studies on the vaccine while Novavax, Johnson & Johnson, and AstraZeneca are other firms that are trying to progress their several agendas.

Out of all these, the competition with Moderna, how it moves forward, what will happen is very speculative. Both these companies are using a very new technique of mRNA. Until now, this has not got any major approval but now, since the companies have claimed about their almost successful trials, how the things will take a turn, it will be interesting to figure out.


Fatigue and headache are the main side-effects that were seen amongst the candidates. Except these, no other serious kind offside-effects were visible. In the case of Moderna’s vaccine, there is one small addition to fatigue and headache and that is pain at the injection site along with pains in some other parts of the body.

Next steps after the Vaccine gets approval

The company has already planned the distribution to start within hours after the approval, as said by the CEO Albert Bourla. The company has aimed to supply over 50 million doses of the vaccine around the world this year. During winters, the vaccine might not be as helpful anywhere but over time, it will become a life-saver vaccine.

The company is also facing problems due to the ongoing election scenario because of the accusations made by Donald Trump towards the company. However, the company was well aware that such a situation could arise and they are confident about their firm. Therefore, in the case of the political situation right now, let’s see how well the company get approval, fight off the major contender, and whether it will emerge out victorious or not. The world requires a vaccine at this point because the virus has not stopped from spreading. No lockdowns or curfews could curb the number of cases and now, a vaccine is the last hope.

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